We are so excited to welcome you to the Vibrastrait family. Here is where you may register both your Vibrastrait ESSENTIAL or Vibrastrait PRO oscillating flat iron. By registering your new flat iron with us, you’ll gain not only an industry-leading return guarantee but access to exclusive news and insider Vibrastrait announcements.


Variable Temperature Oscillating Flat Iron - GREEN

3-Year Limited Warranty

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Dual Temperature Oscillating Flat Iron - PURPLE

1-Year Limited Warranty

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We ask that you, please complete the form within ten days of purchase to validate your Vibrastrait warranty.

Our beauty and hair care experts have painstakingly crafted both the Vibrastrait ESSENTIAL and Vibrastrait PRO flat irons to stand the test of time. With the combination of over 20 years of experience in the NYC salon industry, we knew exactly how we wanted our signature salon-quality flat irons to perform. We sacrificed neither form nor feature to achieve our one-of-a-kind flat iron.

Our flat irons are the perfect blend of sophistication and style. Traditional flat irons straighten hair with damaging heat and harsh tugging, but our revolutionary Vibrastrait PRO and ESSENTIAL flat irons smooth and detangle with gentle vibrations. This salon quality professional flat iron can create multiple styles with precision and ease. Variable temperature settings make our flat irons ideal for simple touch ups and complex styles alike. The Vibrastrait PRO Series is perfect for beauty gurus and professionals alike while our Vibrastrait ESSENTIAL series has been designed to be an easy-to-use, entry-level flat iron that is perfect for everyone from college students to busy moms. So whether you’re standing in your bathroom or in the salon, a Vibrastrait flat iron will deliver gorgeous results every time.

We’ve built our flat irons to last, no matter what! Your Vibrastrait ESSENTIAL and Vibrastrait PRO flat iron warranty covers any manufacturing defects for one or three years respectively. Our flat irons deliver one-of-a-kind results, so we made sure that they offered one-of-a-kind warranties to match. At Vibrastrait we believe that beautiful hair shouldn’t be a privilege. Our goal in creating the Vibrastrait ESSENTIAL and Vibrastrait PRO was to create a healthier hair styling alternative that was able to deliver salon-quality results for everyone from beginners to pros.

Our flat irons won’t burn out due to their 50-minute automatic shut-off safety feature. Leaving your flat iron on all day is not only unsafe, but it can be detrimental to your flat iron’s performance. That’s why we have taken chance out of the equation with our 50-minute shut-off safety feature. Additionally, with the 360º swivel cord that comes standard on every Vibrastrait ESSENTIAL and Vibrastrait PRO flat iron your cord won’t fray or fall apart. You will be able to achieve curly, straight or wavy looks without getting tangled in your flat iron’s cord. No more stopping in the middle of styling to unwind! If you want a tool that can style your hair post workout or between appointments, then a Vibrastrait is the flat iron for you. The days of worrying if you've turned off your flat iron and spending time unwinding your flat iron’s cord are gone. And these are only two of the features that demonstrate the unique Vibrastrait difference.