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After years of R&D, our Beautopia team of haircare experts have created the perfect products and tools that not only nourish and repair your hair, but also protect and prevent further damage. Whether you style your hair or have color-treated hair, we have products that work with and for your hair type. Beautiful, healthy hair starts here.

On the surface, repairing your hair’s appearance can seem like a quick fix. However, the real challenge lies in maintaining hair health to keep it from getting damaged again. Beautopia’s target hydrolyzed, sulfate-free products can take your hair from dull and damaged to bouncy and beautiful. After all, hair health and beauty go hand in hand.

Why Hair Becomes Damaged

We can always point to a bad hot tool as a culprit when figuring out why our hair is damaged. However, while unbalanced hot tools can certainly cause undue amounts of damage to your hair, there are quite a few other ways that you may be damaging your hair and not even know it.


Sun Exposure

While your Sundays spent at the beach didn’t seem like much in retrospect, just like your skin, when your hair is exposed to the sun for too long without any protection, it can be damaged. Additionally, if you use lightening sprays to bleach your hair with the sun’s rays, you're stripping your hair of essential nutrients and vitamins, leading to breakage and damage, even faster than regular sun exposure. Although you don’t need to hide your hair under a hat next time you’re working on your tan, there are steps you can take to enjoy being under the sun without damaging your hair.

When your hair is overexposed to UVA and UVB rays, it can lead to the outer cover of your hair, the cuticle, being damaged. This damage usually comes in the form of discoloration, dry or brittle strands, split ends, thinning, and frizziness. Those who have naturally lighter hair are even more susceptible to damage from the sun. What is a girl to do? Protect your hair from the sun’s damaging rays with Cloud 9 Hotshapes™ Heat Protector. We made our Heat Protector with a special blend of healing nutrients, fortifying plant proteins and UV protectants, which work together to leave hair conditioned while assisting in repairing damaged hair without weight. Expect body, bounce and shine with Cloud 9 Hotshapes™ Heat Protector.

Key Ingredients Include:

● Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein 
 ● Sunflower Seed Extract 
 ● Hydrolyzed Keratin


Hot Tool Use

It’s Saturday night and you’re about to get dolled up for a party. You decide you want some vintage glam Hollywood curls to go with the Roaring 20s theme. You start sectioning your hair and then reach for the curling iron. But before you do that, do you know what kind of iron you have? Most hot tools out there seem like they were made to fry your hair, and that’s no good.

All styling tools are not created equal. Our Beautopia Hair VIBRASTRAIT Flat Iron was developed in response to the lack of quality irons out there. Traditional flat irons fry hair with harmful, direct heat and harsh tugging. When you pick up a VIBRASTRAIT Flat Iron for the first time, (whether you’re a beginner or pro) you’ll feel and see the difference immediately.

Pair your Beautopia Hair VIBRASTRAIT Flat Iron with Cloud 9 Hotshapes™ Heat Protector for the perfect styling combo to prevent damage. For your long-term hair health, check out our Miracle Repair line of Cloud 9 products which include shampoo and conditioner.

The difference between Beautopia Hair's VIBRASTRAIT Flat Irons and other hot irons is in the care and consideration behind each feature of the Beautopia Hair's VIBRASTRAIT Flat Irons. Our one-of-a-kind salon quality Flat Irons have been engineered to vibrate while in use, and it’s these gentle vibrations that set us apart from the crowd. A traditional straightener dries out the natural hydrogen bonds in your hair while in use, but not a VIBRASTRAIT. By vibrating, our Flat Irons gently shuffle hair through tourmaline ceramic plates resulting in even heat penetration while sealing in your hair’s natural moisture. Whether you want curls, waves, or a sleek straight finish, lock-in moisture and prevent damage while using a VIBRASTRAIT Flat Iron with Cloud 9 Hotshapes™ Heat Protector. 

Key Features Include: 

● Automatic Shut-Off 
 ● 360o Tangle-Free Swivel Cord 
 ● 7,500 Vibrations Per Minute 
 ● Tourmaline Ceramic Plates 
 ● 8-Second Rapid Heat-up 
 ● Comprehensive Warranty 
 ● Variable Heat Settings

It would be easy enough if the flat iron were the only hot tool we use to style and maintain hair. However, the blow dryer is another hot tool that can cause major damage to hair. The direct heat from the blow dryer can often match that of your flat iron, so using a protectant while blow drying is just as important as using one while styling. We created our Cloud 9 Blowout™ Blow Dry Serum to do just that. As a heat-activated serum that conditions and enriches hair while blow drying, Cloud 9 Blowout™ Blow Dry Serum allows for easier brush glide and improved hair tensile strength. Protect your hair from damage while you blow dry and style, and leave your hair with a shiny, touchable finish.

Key Ingredients Include:

● Sunflower Seed Extract 
 ● Hydrolyzed Keratin


Inefficient Shampoo and Conditioner

How often is it that we lament our shampoo and conditioner not working enough for us and wishing we could find something that did more than just wash hair? At Beautopia Hair we’ve designed our shampoos and conditioners to go a step beyond simple cleaning. Our goal for damaged hair is not only repair, but sustained hair care for the long run. That’s what we had in mind for our Cloud 9™ Restoring Shampoo and Cloud 9™ Restoring Conditioner. Designed to restore weak, dry, over-styled hair, the Cloud 9™ Restoring Shampoo’s nutrient-rich formula penetrates deep into the hair shaft to heal cracked, dry, vulnerable strands and bring them back to life. This luxurious shampoo will nourish, strengthen, and restore damaged hair with every wash. The perfect partner to the Cloud 9™ Restoring Shampoo, Cloud 9™ Restoring Conditioner will take your hair from flat and damaged to healthy and full. This reparative conditioner is formulated with a special blend of healing nutrients, fortifying plant proteins and UV protectants that will leave your hair feeling soft and healthy.

Key Ingredients Include: 

● Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein 
 ● Sunflower Seed Extract 
 ● Hydrolyzed Keratin


Lack of Vitamins and Protein

Sometimes it seems like everything is working against our hair every day: the sun, air quality, chemicals, and more. No wonder hair is often deficient in key vitamins and proteins. It is the lack of these building blocks that can lead to damaged hair. That’s why we’ve added so many essential vitamins and proteins to our Cloud 9™ Conditioning Mousse formula. The Cloud 9™ Conditioning Mousse is a nutrient-rich, yet lightweight conditioning mousse that features an exclusive complex containing active levels of natural plant proteins. With a special blend of healing nutrients, fortifying plant proteins, and UV protectants, the Cloud 9™ Conditioning Mousse transforms weak, dull, flat hair into beautiful, radiant hair.

Key Ingredients Include: 

● Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein 
 ● Hydrolyzed Soy Protein 
 ● Vitamins B and E


Repair Your Damaged Hair

It’s easy to be frustrated when your hair is damaged, but effective hair care takes effort and time before seeing real results. We’ve been there and we created the Cloud 9™ Miracle Repair line based on years of experience and research to help countless heads of hair out there to restore even the most damaged of hair. All of our products work together to form a sustainable haircare system designed to fit into your hair routine no matter what your hair type, length or texture. Our haircare experts are on the line to assist with any questions you may have about what’s best for your hair and how to achieve the healthy results you’ve always wanted. Beautiful hair starts here.