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how to get this look

products needed:

Shine Drops Smoothing Serum, Actives Enhancing Shine Serum, Moveable Hold Finishing Spray

tools needed:

1" Vibrastrait Pro Iron, Elastic Band, Bobby Pins


Take a small section of hair from the middle top of your head.


Braid the hair by dividing up your strands into three smaller parts. Pull the furthest left part over the middle one. Then pull the furthest right part over the middle one.


Repeat until you get to the end of the top of your head. Secure the braid with an elastic for a ponytail.


Gently twist the ponytail.


Twist it upward and wrap all the way around to create a bun.


Secure the bun with hairpins.


Voilà! Keep in mind it doesn’t have to look perfect, in fact, a slightly messy bun and braid make for a lovely, no frills look. Bonus: Take a shine to this new do by adding Shine Drops™ Smoothing Serum or Actives™ Enhancing Shine Serum for extra shine and definition while smoothing out the ends of your hair.