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Five Tips On Using a Classic Bowl Hair Diffuser


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Do you have curly hair, a fine, medium length bob, or long, thick layers? Do you want to add more volume without the frizz? A bowl diffuser is an attachment to a hair dryer that moderates the air flow into a more expansive hair area, lessening frizz, and telling potential fly-aways to chill out. A classic bowl diffuser allows you to cup your hair to define natural curls, boost thin hair, and create fuller hairstyles. This diffuser type is a fantastic option, but using it correctly can be the difference between big hair and a big mess. Here are five tips on how to use a classic bowl diffuser.


1. Don’t Ruffle Your Feathers


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Before getting started, gently towel dry hair and squeeze out excess moisture. Avoid harshly rustling hair with the towel. Harsh towel-drying is what creates a positive charge on the hair, static electricity and frizz. Some people prefer to use an old cotton T-shirt to ring-out wet hair.

2. Set it Up


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Any good hairstyle is set up with a strong foundation. Just like your morning skincare routine, layering on haircare can make the difference between glossy, defined locks or damaged-looking hair. Start with all of your leave-in treatments and hair serums. These products help in preventing dryness, damage, and split ends before you dive into your volumizing sprays, mousse or root lifters. From there, heat protectant is a must. Anytime you are going to be using any heated styling tools on your hair; you’re going to want to apply a heat protectant to help avoid hair burnout especially if you are an everyday hot tools user.

 It’s not necessary to have your blow dryer set on the highest heat for thinner hair. Improper heat settings result in damaged-looking hair.

3. Get Back to Your Roots

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Flip your hair over, begin at the roots surrounding the crown of the head. Work from the back to the front with your diffuser facing your scalp at a 90° angle. Gently, but consistently massage any prongs or “fingers” into hair in circular movements. Start to maneuver your way down the length of your hair, continuously pushing your hair up towards the scalp and slowly bringing it back down again. Give the crown of your head some extra loving for added bounce.

4. Afterglow

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When your hair is completely dry, feel free to go in with all of your finishing styling products. If you have thin hair, use an added dose of volumizing spray or throw in some texturizer. If your hair is thick, curly and wild, grab on to some curling cream for glowing hair that looks healthy and defined. Most hair types can handle a light layer of shine serum to top off the final look of your hairstyle. 

5. Diffusing for Life 


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Use a diffuser in place of a round brush if you’re planning on using a hot tool after. You can also diffuse-dry your hair at your roots and let the rest of your hair air-dry for the perfect, woke-up-like-this look. Doing this is cool because you get the air-dry style without the pangs of having to keep playing with your hair to avoid flat roots while your hair dries. 

 Once you get the hang of using a diffuser, you will become addicted to getting this natural pumped up look every time that you do your hair. So keep practicing.

 Pro Tip: Try Curl Karma™ Curl Enhancing Cream. It’s a light-weight enhancer that softens curls while keeping them bouncy!