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Our BH Beauty Team shares its favorite glamorous Red Carpet Oscar's looks and how to achieve them using Beautopia Hair products. 


GEMMA CHAN: Elegant, Wispy bun 

Pro Tip: To get this elegant look, use the tail of your comb to gently pull out wisps.  Then finish with Brocato Moveable Hold Hairspray by Beautopia Hair to keep hair soft romantic and undone. 



CHARLIZE THERON:  Bold brunette 

Pro Tip: Charlize Theron goes bold with a sleek dark chestnut brown bob and firey orange-red lip to complement her beautiful powder blue dress. To get her hair look, use the Vibrastait PRO 1" Vibrating Flat Iron to make hair super sleek and straight. Then apply Actives Enhancing Shine Serum by Beautopia Hair to enhance smoothness and shine.  


Pro Tip: This sassy look is ideal for short crops! To get the look, use Vibrastrait PRO 1" Iron to straighten hair. Then use Carve Texture Paste to spike out the tips. Finish the look with Brocato Moveable Hold Hairspray by Beautopia Hair. 


 EMILIA CLARKE: Glossy Sleek Center Part

Pro Tip: For this romantic, smooth and sleek look, apply a dab of Cloud 9 Blowout Serum by Beautopia Hair onto the hair, comb through and blow it out smooth. To enhance shine use Actives Enhancing Shine Serum and for extra hold, spraMoveable Hold Hairspray by Beautopia Hair to finish the look. 



 LADY GAGA: Voluminous Updo

Pro Tip: This bold glamorous look requires a few steps. Curl hair from mid shafts to ends by using the Vibrastrait PRO 1" Iron to create loose curls. Then gather the hair into two ponytails (a large one and a small one). The larger ponytail should be at the crown and the smaller one in the back of the head. Backcomb and shape the larger one into a wavy bun. To give it maximum hold use Brocato Maximum Hold Hairspray by Beautopia Hair. 


KACEY MUSGRAVES: Sleek Low Ponytail

Pro Tip: This lovely cotton candy glam pink gown is perfectly complimented by Kacey's sophisticated sleek low ponytail. To create this look, prep the hair with Supersilk Pure Indulgence Leave-In Treatment. Simply towel dry and apply to damp hair to remove frizz. Then blow dry with Cloud 9 Blowout Serum to further smooth hair. Part the hair in the middle and begin to flat iron with the Vibrastrait PRO 1" Flat Iron in 1/4 in sections. Take a little Carve Texture Paste and apply it to the top of the head to slick down the hair as you draw it into a low ponytail. Tie hair with an elastic band. Then take a piece of the ponytail and wrap it around the elastic to create a beautiful finished look. For added sleekness, apply a bit of Actives Enhancing Shine Serum to the ends to make hair look more polished. 



JASMINE TOOKES: High Braided Ponytail

Pro Tip:  Victoria Secret model, Jasmine Tookes turned heads with this beautiful high ponytail. To create the look, use Carve Texture Paste on top of your head and brush into a high ponytail. Keep on brushing till smooth, flat and clean. Secure hair where desired with a ponytail holder into a tight high ponytail. Use half of the hair and braid both all the way down and secure with a clear elastic. Use one of the braids and wrap it around the other braid into a bun. To finish up, use Moveable Hold Hairspray or Brocato Shimmer Glitter Spray for a Sexy Glimmer Finish. 

KENDALL JENNER:  Soft Bouncy Blowout 

Pro Tip: Simple and elegant, you can never go wrong with a classic bouncy blowout. You will want your hair to look healthy and beautiful, so we recommend prepping hair with the Brocato Cloud 9 Miracle Repair Collection. After cleansing with the Brocato Cloud 9 Shampoo and Conditioner, towel dry and spray Hotshapes Heat Protector to detangle hair and protect it from heat. Then apply the Cloud 9 Conditioning Mousse. This light-weight whipped mousse is a favorite of our team...  It makes hair super smooth and luxurious to the touch. Optional: Follow with a dab of Cloud 9 Blowout Serum to further smooth hair. Blow-dry to perfection (using a large round brush). To set the look, use Brocato Moveable Hold Hairspray. And there you go, you'll have a beautiful soft and elegant bouncy blowout. 

Another way to get the look: Use Volume Maximizer Volumizing Spray and a large round brush to achieve a bouncy volmunious blowout. To have it even bouncier pin curl each section, spray Brocato Moveable Hold Hairspray and let the pin curls sit for about 10 minutes after taking them out. Use your hands to shake the hair and add more Brocato Moveable Hold Hairspray. 



 KATE BOSWORTH: Sleek Shiny Chignon

Pro Tip: Sparkle and glow with Kate Bosworth's stunning look! Brush hair out of any tangles and any bumps! Start by flat ironing your hair with the Vibrastrait PRO 1" Iron until it's smooth and flat. Then use a comb to create a clean center part. Use Carve Texture Paste on the top of your head to add a touch of grit and slick down the hair.  Brush into a high ponytail and keep on brushing until smooth, flat and clean. Secure hair where desired with a ponytail holder into a tight low ponytail. Carefully backcomb the inside of the ponytail with a teasing brush and smooth the outside with a small amount of Carve Texture Paste. Twist the hair and form it into the desired shape and secure with bobby pins until secure. To finish the look, use Brocato Moveable Hold Hairspray and Brocato Shimmer Glitter Spray for a sexy radiant glow.