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Spring 2018:

Boho Hairstyles w/ @evaacatherine & @jamialix

Recently, our girls @EvaaCatherine and @JamiAlix got together for a NYFW extravaganza at The Pierre Hotel and helped each other out with some cool hairstyles just in time for spring shows. Eva Catherine gets the perfect boho braid while Jami Alix rocks an Ariana Grande-inspired half-up ponytail look.

These are two girls on the go and have the tips and tricks to match. Both style influencers agreed that second-day hair is the best for a more undone, loose-looking hairstyle. Each on-trend look comes complete with yesterday’s waves and some helpful bundles of hair extensions for natural volume and length.

Follow these easy steps to achieve Eva's Boho Braid & Jami's half-up ponytail look:


Moveable Hold Finishing Hairspray, Back to the Beach Texturizing Spray


Vibrastrait PRO Flat Iron, teasing brush and hair pins



Eva’s Boho Braid

Eva Catherine likes to wear extensions as accessories and doesn’t keep them in “full-time.” She loves to throw them on when the mood strikes and on this day, she was feeling them for some extra Boho-chicness.


Apply Extensions

An excellent way to apply extensions is to start by parting the hair horizontally from ear to ear. Line up your points from just before the tops of your ears and separate the hair before clipping or tying up the top portion of your part. Clip in the first layer of extensions at the roots, let the remaining hair fall and move up about a half-inch and make another part. Repeat the clip-in process.


Braids + Texture

Jami Alix then parts Eva’s bangs on the left side so that she can put in the first side-braid. She braids the hair to the tip and fastens it with a bobby-pin that matches Eva’s hair color. Using a light layer of Moveable Hold Finishing Hairspray by Beautopia Hair, Jami tousles in the volume and sets the hair in place to adequately cover any hair extension tracks.


It's A Wrap

Eva grabs Beautopia Hair’s Back to the Beach Texturizing Mist so that she can add beaucoup texture to her beachy waves. She then has Jami Alix help her take some of the hair from her ponytail to wrap around the hair-tie to cover it. All she needs now is to pull out a few more tendrils on each side of her hair to add some face-framing flow to her romantic, boho look.

Jami’s Half-Up, Half-Down

Jami Alix loves her Ariana Grande inspired half-up, half-down look and shows us how to rock it in minutes with the help of Eva Catherine. Jami Alix had thrown in some waves with the VIBRASTRAIT Straightener the night before and is ready to do a quick hair wardrobe change. She feels using a hair straightener for waves helps them appear more natural, and we can’t agree more.


Pump Up The Volume

Eva Catherine begins by parting the hair starting at the temples so that she can begin teasing for maximum volume. She then takes Beautopia Hair’s Moveable Hold Finishing Hairspray to help hold the volume into place. Adding the hair-tie, Eva Catherine takes a piece of the remaining hair from the mini-ponytail and wraps it around the ponytail to hide the hair-tie.


All-Day Awesomeness!

After finishing the look off with another soft veil of hairspray, Jami Alix decides to get an extra dose of beachiness with a few final pumps of the Beach Texturizing Mist because she knows it’s going to give her all-day awesomeness! It didn’t take long for the besties to get their flawless spring looks. Which one would you like to try first?