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Gina Ybarra of Hunt for Styles has naturally wavy and dark, woodsy auburn hair, framed by golden blonde strands. Her very subtle ombré leaves us lusting after a compatible color gradient that blends into natural hair flawlessly.

Gina Ybarra of Hunt For Styles


A new color to hit this season’s fall palette is a combination of “brown” and “blonde.” Miss Brit Watkins’ fabulously natural dark brown curls get a bit of that blonde highlight for a seasonal boost.


This redheaded mega babe has us swooning and wishing we were born as redheads. So for those who weren’t so lucky, her natural fiery copper red hair color is perfect for fall and reminiscent of a late afternoon sun or warm fireplace.


Sarah Angius describes her hair color as “beige, honey and brown.” We couldn’t get enough of her beautiful, naturally curly hair with all of its perfect autumnal warm tones in sync.


Although summer is out of sight, we can still relive some of it through Jessica Rick’s sun-kissed balayage hair, which makes it look like she stepped out from a day at the beach. We love this because her sun-kissed strands complement her skin tone and give her that warm, all-over glow that flows from hair to face.