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Winter Hair Care: 

6 Tips to Upgrade Your Winter Hair Routine  


Winter can be a hard time on hair. Snow, harsh rain and bitter cold temperatures don’t make it easy. But just like making sure your plants have everything they need to survive the cold months, you can do the same with your hair and keep it looking beautiful, lustrous and full of healthy shine.


1. De-Stress

Take a bath, make a great smoothie, or treat yourself to amazing greens and fresh food from the farmer’s market. Seriously though, taking care of your body and mind leads to better health and a more positive attitude. And that can only lead to beautiful and healthy hair. Stress makes your hair stress, which can lead to weakened strands, dry scalp, easier breakage, etc. Take care of yourself, and that in turn will take care of your hair. 


2. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Cold dry air is not exactly an ideal condition for hair. It can dry out hair too much and leave damage behind. To prevent this, deep-condition at least once a week. We swear by Saturate™ Hydrating Leave-In Treatment because it leaves hair super moisturized and shiny. Especially for naturally curly hair or drier hair that requires more hydration, make sure your conditioner to shampoo ratio to err more on conditioner side.


3. Get a Trim

Book an appointment every six weeks or so to reduce split ends and damaged hair. It needn’t be a full hair cut —just a trim to remove the ends is ideal. 


4. Protect Against Heat

Always use heat protectant before taking a blow dryer or hot styling tool to your hair. Try Cloud 9™ Hotshapes Heat Protector, heat-activated non-sticking spray that protects hair from thermal damage. In general, minimize the use of blow dryers in the winter. A good alternative to using blow dryers is air drying with the help of this hair towel, which is made of ultra fine fibers to dry hair quickly and gently. 


5. Turn Up the Volume

When the air is dry in winter, thin hair tends to get flatter. This is especially true for those with fine hair more than curly hair. Remedy the dry season’s effects with a good spray like Volume Maximizer™ Volumizing Spray, to effectively plump up hair without the heavy product buildup. 


6. Detox Your Hair

For most hair, daily product usage and other residues can really weigh down hair. It’s a good idea to include a clarifier into your winter routine. Peppermint Scrub™ Purifying Shampoo works to gently clean oily hair and leave hair feeling super refreshed.