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These days, there’s no such thing as not having camera-ready hair. We are never too far from our next selfie and the camera, if you’re like us, is never far from reach. Whether you’re a selfie-queen, going on a photo shoot, or just want to look like you are, we’ve got 7 steps to hair that’s ready for a close-up.



1. Get hydrated

Picture this: a confident you with shiny, just woke up like this, lustrous hair, free of static and not a single strand out of place (okay, maybe one or two is acceptable). This is achievable when you’ve got a good hair foundation. Our celebrity stylist Dominik Mager shares with us expert tips to getting picture-perfect hair all the time.

One of the easiest, cost-free ways to keep hair prepped is to drink lots of water before getting behind a lens. Try to do a daily water challenge with friends or coworkers, or drink seltzer water with lemon for a refreshing drink and not just “boring water. How many tricks can you think of to stay hydrated throughout the day?


2. Don’t wash your hair every day

Some of you are probably cool with this, but there are others who have a physical dependency on washing their hair daily. Daily washing can strip your scalp of natural oils, while everyday, starting-from-scratch-styling can cause brittle tips and breakage. Over-washing can make the scalp over-produce oil to compensate for dryness and the lack of lubrication it needs to function correctly. Make besties with your dry shampoo, embrace day two hair and add some more updos to your repertoire. Even if you work out every day, try to cut down on washings to every two or three days for to see improvement in your hair.


3. Wash your hair the right way

You might think that it’s just all about the shampoo and conditioner, right? Well, for some, perhaps, but for the rest of us, there are ways to enhance your hair’s WOW factor when you wash. Try using a conditioning shampoo or just conditioner to clean once a week in place of regular washing. When you do your more intense wash, rinse, repeat for real. It loosens hair’s excess sweat, dirt and oil and washes it all off like no other. Do a weekly hair mask in place of your conditioner.



Now that you’ve started developing camera-ready basics, it’s all about styling in a way that keeps hair looking all the time. Having effortless-looking hair in an Instie takes the best products, the best methods for applying them, the right tools and the right styling techniques.


4. Put some prep in your step

After you get out of the shower, it’s good to start your skincare routine, and it’s no different for your hair. Just like skincare, using your hair care products in the right order gets you the most for your style. Here’s a go-to haircare routine.


• Apply leave-in conditioners, and repair serums from tips to root • Spritz in any prep, thickening or volumizing sprays now. • Scrunch in some mousse around the crown of the head at the roots. • Never forget your heat protectant if you’re going to move on to heat styling.


5. Blow dry like a pro

After your prep sesh, you can choose to let hair air dry, or you can begin the blow-drying process. Before you start with any tools, do a rough-dry with your fingers. Get hair 80% dry before moving on with a round brush or styling brush. Dominik recommends blowing your hair backward, not downward, to avoid wayward strands. “Blowing the hair downwards makes the hair frizzy and creates more flyaways,” says Dominik.


6. Hot style 

Depending on your mood, a good blow-dry might be all you need, but if you want to step it up a notch, you can move on to your curling wand or flat iron. Make sure your hair is bone-dry. Hot tools on wet hair equal fried hair. Use high-quality tools. If your device says plated as in titanium or ceramic-plated, it means that it’s just covered with a layer of the good stuff and not made with quality through-and-through. Section off your hair and keep your heat settings low. Straighten or curl away from the face. This will help you avoid burning yourself and can make the style go with a natural-looking flow.


7. Flawless finish

Your hair is looking hot; now we’ve got to keep it that way. To fight frizz and give hair some extra moisture after hot styling, get a few drops of shine serum in your hands and finger comb product from tip to root. Flip hair over and spray anything products like your volumizing, texturizing or flexible hold hairsprays throughout hair before finger combing or fluffing the product to spread it just right. Finally, take your hairbrush and spray it with hairspray and softly brush over the very top layer of hair to flatten flyways.



The day can always throw your hair some surprises, so have a few supplies handy for keeping hair in check. It doesn’t have to be your entire hair care arsenal. Dominik suggests Moveable Hold Finishing Hairspray or Actives™ Enhancing Shine Serum to do the trick.