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Ok every girl has experienced it. The goopy feeling of styling product on hair that is too mussed up to care. But then weeks later after repeated styling, you feel like your hair is dry, damaged and not looking so hot.  Introducing Beautopia Hair’s line of hairsprays with infinitely more staying power than any of its competitors. Why? It’s got the right ingredients…
Brocato Moveable Hold Hairspray by Beautopia Hair is a unique flexible hold finishing spray designed to keep hair soft and movable. 
 It’s Blended Protein Attraction System… repairs your hair! And makes it 3x stronger. 
So while your hair is in it’s coifed, soft sexy wavy do… it is actually being strengthened and acted upon by your hairspray. It is making your hair better!!! 
Don’t you love products that do double duty like that? 
We do! 
Next pretty nifty feature: its unique micro spray technology, which causes hair to be light. 
No caked on garbage, no goop, no stickiness. This light mist settles onto the hair while keeping it soft, moveable, lovely… We all want LOVELY!  
And yes, we cannot overlook Phenyl Trimethicone. This anti-foaming, hair-conditioning and skin-conditioning agent ups hair's body, suppleness, and sheen, by improving texture. 
You have two choices: A hairspray that dries and damages hair OR Moveable Hold Hairspray which leaves hair 3x stronger, healthier, shinier and SOFT. Hmmmm… We choose the latter!
Style, spritz, brush through… and you’re ready to go.




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