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Holdon Sculpting Styling Gel by Beautopia Hair

Holdon Sculpting Styling Gel by Beautopia Hair is an extremely firm-holding gel that is exceptional for sculpting and molding shapes. It adds volume, shine and control. And is best known for holding short hairstyles in perfect place.
Universally loved by men and women of all ages with a multitude of hairstyles, this gel is a wonder product.
It is strong like glue… it is sticky to the touch, (but not on the hair), and is currently touted by loyal fans and customers as “the best styling gel on the market.” So what makes this product so special? 
Besides the slick back look, matte look, edgy look, professional look, one can create with this product; women in particular, are discovering it’s uncanny ability to hold curl. Apparently, it not only obliterates the effects of humidity keeping curls perfectly coiled and springy, but it also gives fine, thin hair extra body and shine.
All you need is a dime size amount on slightly damp hair (which further cuts down on cost- we all love that! ) and you can create the ultimate style statement. 
Other key features: it has a watermelon scent. 
It provides strength and control. 
And while doing its job of making you look quite ‘with it’ and trendy, it offers color protection with UV absorbers to boot!
 "Holdon gel is one of those products that doesn’t necessarily look healthy, but is. While shaping and holding your hair, it is also imbuing it with extraordinary benefits.” says Brocato Master Trainer & Celebrity Hairstylist Dominik Mager. 
All you need do is read the back of the label with its aloe, kelp and keratin to know why this product is so special. 
Now you’ve discovered this wonder gel. Why not give it a whirl?
Remember tho, no uber long hair... only short to medium cuts.

 If you really want to have fun: try it with its companion products: 
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