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BEAUTOPIA HAIR: Hi Dominik, can you tell us about some of your must-have or favorite products?

DOMINIK: My favorite product is Supersilk™ Leave-In Treatment. That works for everyone. Also, I love Cloud 9™ Conditioning Mousse for day and damaged hair, Moveable Hold Finishing Hairspray, and of course, the Vibtrastrait Flatiron to smooth out and/or curl hair.


BEAUTOPIA HAIR: It's been so humid in New York this summer! Sometimes there just isn't any time to do damage control. Do you have any general time-saving tips for managing messy hair in the morning?

DOMINIK: Throwing the hair in a messy bun or a quick braid is always a good go-to styling tip, especially if it's early in the morning.


BEAUTOPIA HAIR: Are there any iconic hairstyles or looks that you love?

DOMINIK: I love Hollywood glam waves, beach waves, and the iconic Kim Kardashian smooth and slick straight hairstyle with a middle part.

BEAUTOPIA HAIR: Since you've often worked on the rich and famous, are there any celebrities you've worked with whose hair or hairstyle you admire?

DOMINIK: I have worked with Claire Danes and Blake Lively. I love both of their hairstyles.

BEAUTOPIA HAIR: What, or who inspires you?

DOMINIK: I'm inspired by my hairstylist team here at the Club by Dominik Mager.