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Sure, there are obvious signs. Like your hair looks drier than a haystack. But there may be more subtle signs you've been missing. Do you have split ends? Some frizz? You my friend, may well have damaged hair. Don't let it go untreated! Do that and next thing you know your hair will become brittle and start breaking. And trust us that's not a good look.




Yes, we know, you are growing out your hair and you don’t want to cut it. But that grown out hair is going to be no good if it's damaged! Do yourself a favor and get a trim ASAP. You don't have to chop it off, but a few inches will do your locks good.


Are you styling your hair without a heat protectant? Yes? The hair gods are cringing as we speak. Would you fry an egg without oiling the pan? Didn't think so. Let's face it unless you want to look like a hot mess, styling tools are a part of life. But that doesn't mean your precious strands have to suffer. Spray a protectant like Cloud 9 Hotshapes Thermal Spray or Cloud 9 Blowout Serum. They will serve as a barrier between those hot tools and your hair, saving them from getting fried. Yes, with a little mindfulness and some heat protection, your hair can be rescued!




Damaged hair is thirsty. Thirsty for moisture that is! Give you hair what it wants with Cloud 9 Miracle Repair Restoring Shampoo and Cloud 9 Miracle Repair Daily Restoring Conditioner. This dynamic duo will repair and revitalize hair, so its natural brilliance is restored. Your hair will be so shiny diamonds will be jealous.


Tight ponytails and complicated styles can stress out already damaged hair. Let your hair chill, leaving it loose and free. Like a wild horse. If you're having a bad hair day and really need to put it up, use a scrunchie. Yes, the dreaded scrunchie. It is much gentler on your hair.